Nickel Silver

01. Nickel Silver

General Description

Nickel silver has a silmilar color to Silver and has high level of work-hardening by cold working, making it possess a considerable strength among the copper alloy. And Nickel silver has much superior chemical corrosion resistance to binary brass allo.

Products Form

Wire, Strip, Plate/Sheet


게시물 목록
classification Alloy No. Chemicals composition(%)
Cu Pb Fe Sn Zn Mn Ni
Nickel Silver C7701 54~58 0.1Max 0.25Max - Rem 0.5Max 16.5~19.5
C7521 62~66 0.1Max 0.25Max - Rem 0.5Max 16.5~19.5
C7541 60~64 0.1Max 0.25Max - Rem 0.5Max 12.5~15.5
C7451 63~67 0.1Max 0.25Max - Rem 0.5Max 8.5~11.5


Crystal oscillator cap, shielding material of mobile phone, Frame of spectacles, special springs, toy train rails