Main Products

World's best quality and service through standardization of production processes,
standard dimension management, and allowable tolerance management


It is divided into three main categories, Tough Pitch Copper/Phosphorus Deoxidized Copper/Oxygen Free, and has excellent thermal conductivity.


It is divided into three main types and is mainly made of wires or rods because of it's good strength in the Red Brass/Yellow Brass/Free Cutting Brass

Phosphor Bronze

Due to its high impact strength, ductility and conductivity, it is widely used for spring and electromechanical devices that require high quality conductivity

Nickel Silver

It has a beautiful gloss and has considerable strength among copper alloys as a high level of processing hardening by cold processing


They are more heat, electricity, conductive, and much lighter, so they are mainly used as electrical and medical device parts  

Lockup ring

The tightening rings are used for building, shipping, and machinery, and can be mass-produced for each size and special rings can be manufactured


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